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Mod Post

Just an announcement!

This project is going to be put on hold indefinitely. I know it sounds kinda ominous but since this is still in its baby stages it's not such a bad thing. Fact is, I have too much on my plate right now to organize this thing right and when I started this I fumbled it pretty magnificently. When it is eventually resurrected I hope to handle it in a way that generates more interest and isn't as closed-off to people who live outside southern California. I have every intention of returning to this project but now is not the time do so.

If I were to speculate I'd say I might be ready to jump back into it at the end of the semester but that is not a guarantee. Just know that this isn't me abandoning this, because I've literally thought about this fan film every day since I first mentioned it--even though this place has been kinda barren.

Thank you for the support and interest! I hope that when this project is reactivated that you'll still be here :)

- Katie



More notes. I am not really expecting anyone to comment at this point, but if I don't get these typed up soon I just know I'll lose the hard copy. This is bare-bones since I am not embellishing much, just slapping my incoherent notes online. This entry will likely be edited later and might only make sense to me, anyway.

- 6-9 characters, only a few don't know about abilities beforehand
-Connections: subtle. Company. California-based partner/related company to Yamagoto Fellowship (?). Volunteer for Petrelli campaign (not subtle enough?)
-Film @ "Kirby Plaza"? Possible since it's in LA. Also Claremont can possibly sub as Hartsdale, NY (Bishops).
-Address storylines and hints that were dropped and never again mentioned on the show--who Claude was protecting (in Company Man flashbacks), Meredith's time in Mexico, etc.
-motifs: photos, godsend symbol (duh), (non-traditional displays of) faith
-variation in cast--following show's lead. If it turns out stereotypical with "after school special" problems and cliches--well then, it's all the more like the show so we win anyway.

-Character ideas (base)
--Conspiracy theorist- knows about explosion, lack of media coverage. probably a 4chan-type site frequenter. Believes "Men in Black" are Company operatives (again, duh). Fan of Niki's shiny happy fun site? Should this be our gay character?
--Idea: memory-based talent (the Haitian rip-off from previous post?): girl who has recently had an abortion dealing with issues. (I think it would be interesting to explore that, given her gift is to see people's life when she basically made the decision to keep a life from forming) (too touchy?)
--potential occupations: funeral home lackey, professor, office drone, baker (lol whut)
--perhaps this sounds really bad, but I want to see a Jewish person and an earth-based religion represented.

I'll Activate Your Evolution, Baby!


The idea for this is as basic as you can get: we want to make a fan film (series?), we want it to be about Heroes, and for the most part we are all based in the southern California area. This community is for discussion, brainstorming, etc. since this project is still very new. If you've stumbled across this comm without getting here via brokenbacktango's journal, then I assure you that we are not at all associated with Kring, NBC, or anyone else who owns the rights to the show itself. We are doing this out of respect and love for the show (or boredom and the desire to do something fun).

I will be posting more shortly with the sparse ideas I've been considering for this project. Feel free to contribute your own! Membership is moderated at this time, limited to those who will likely have a hand in the actual production process. That most likely means those living around or near the LA area, at least for now.



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